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Hobby Beekeeper beehives just to the south and west of Orange. The bees collect nectar from flowers in local bush-land, gardens and farms. A beautiful honey is then ripened in the honeycomb by the bees from all these mixed nectar sources. When there is surplus honey stored in the hive, the hives are ready to be
harvested. Traditional hand operated equipment is then used to extract the honey. The honey is stored at room temperature
till bottling.

This season’s honey has an intense flavour and a deep colour, due to dryer conditions. 



A small country town bakery, located in the heart of Blayney. They have fed generations of Blayney and Orange residents countless loaves of bread, tonnes of meat pies and a multitude of cakes. We are proud to serve their fabulous sourdough and Damper rolls to name a few. 

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Academy Coffee Roasters want to give you the best product and experience possible.

They understand making good coffee isn't as simple as popping a cork and pouring a glass of wine, it requires knowledge, attention and practice. Academy Coffee Roasters produce not only award winning products, but also deliver these using the most ethical and sustainable practices they can. 

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